Custodise, Trade, Borrow and Earn Yield.

Luxury Valuables & Commodities Platform.

Secure your assets with blockchain technology and top physical custodians, while accessing a peer to peer trading marketplace and lending platform.

Access Top Custody Specialists

Access Top Custody Specialists.

  • Expert provenance & appraisal specialists.
  • Global insurance provider.
  • Secure transportation services.

Trade Investable Assets.

  • Earn royalties on items that you onboard.
  • Access yield opportunities.
  • Pristine provenance policies.
professional custody
professional custody

Sell 24/7/365.

  • Instant settlement.
  • Transparent peer-to-peer marketplace.
  • Re-invest your funds to earn yield.

Borrow Against your Assets.

  • Set your desired borrowing terms.
  • Accept or counter-offer loan terms.
  • Leverage returns through reinvestment.
professional custody
professional custody

Lend to Earn Secured Return.

  • Accept or counter-offer loan terms.
  • Earn your returns securely.
  • Collateral locked with custody specialist.
  • Item transferred to lender upon default.

Take physical possession of any item.

  • Eliminate digital representation.
  • Collect item directly from custodian.
  • Or arrange delivery directly to your doorstep.
professional custody
Onboarding, Custodising, Trading, Leveraging and Physical Delivery.

We Safeguard your Physical Assets for Deployment on the Blockchain.

Insured Professional Custody

Insured Professional Custody - We are partners with global leaders in secure storage of valuables.

Our partners specialise in the custody of gold bars & coins, jewellery, fine art, wine, luxury watches, and other valuables.

Onboard Your Assets.

Leading industry standards for authenticity and provenance.

Our sellers source directly from reputable brokers or alternatively must undergo rigorous provenance processes in case of privately sourced assets. Authenticity and condition reporting is completed upon arrival at our partnering custodial hubs. All product categories have provenance documentation and standardized condition report processes.

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Insured Professional Custody
Insured Professional Custody

RealWorld’s Ecosystem of Brokers.

Full technological integration with top brokers. Items are automatically converted into blockchain representation upon purchase.

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Comprehensive and Seamless Compliance with Global AML Standards.

At our marketplace, clients undergo rigorous KYC & AML procedures. These protocols are essential to guarantee full compliance with contemporary financial sector standards. We ensure that all participants in our marketplace operate within the bounds of legality, integrity and security for all stakeholders.

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Insured Professional Custody

Trusted services by RealWorld.



Bring your valuables on-chain in a secure and insured fashion.



Buy and sell items at our marketplace in an effortless and automated way. 24/7/365.


Lend & Borrow.

Access P2P lending functionality, connect with lenders or borrowers using valuables as collateral.



Get your items delivered to your address at any time upon request.


Borrow and lend Against Luxury Items.

Transform your collectibles into opportunities and access the full financial value of your luxury items through Real World’s lending marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions.

All items that are sold on RWfi Marketplace are held in our professional custody, having undergone industry standard provenance and condition checks. An assigned NFT represents the ownership rights of each item in RWfi's custody. Sellers can offer their NFTs for sale at their listed offer price on the RWFi Marketplace.

Currently our clients can trade or execute loans using the following asset classes:

  • - Luxury Watches
  • - Fine Wine & Spirits
  • - Gold Bars & Coins

Your NFT will be stored in your wallet. You can sell your NFT on Real World Marketplace with no commission charged. The NFT represents the ownership rights and hence the new owner may redeem the physical watch at any given point.

You can relist your NFT at a new offer price directly on RealWorld's Marketplace.

Your assets are fully covered from the point that they enter's custody to the point of their exit from's custody. The custody process begins once your watches are collected by our high security transportation partner. Your assets are delivered to our custodial partner at Dubai's Freeport, which is a global leader for storing luxury collectibles and gold bars. The insurance policy that offers to its client is provided by another global leader, Lloyds of London.

Yes. We have KYC/AML procedures for users who want to buy or sell, onboard items into our custody, and part take in loan agreements.

Our NFTs convey actual property rights and therefore your watch(es) must be held under the custody of Real to convey real world value. does not charge VAT on the trading of second hand goods.

The majority of the watches come with box and papers. In rare occasions we do accept the minting of NFTs of watches without box and papers but in exchange we request additional verifications of the item to insure reliable provenance.

All watches are authenticated and appraised by an independent watch specialist upon arrival at Dubai Freeport.

Fine wine & spirits provenance is upheld by our partnering wine brokers who are recognised leading traders / platforms globally.

RealWorld uses its high secure logistics partner that specialises in the transportation of luxury collectibles and high value products. Insurance for full replacement value is included on all outbound shipments of watches and accessories from Real World Watches. Inbound watches are insured for the proposed purchase price of the watch. A signature is required to complete delivery of all packages.

Email us at or feel free to use our Chat system on our platform

The minted physical watch NFTs can be used as collateral for a loan in RWfi's Lending platform. Borrowers can therefore avail of liquidity on their assets while they are securely stored in our custodial hubs. On the other side of the loan agreement Lenders can avail of attractive yields with direct access to professionally authenticated collateral to manage risk.

Please, reach out to us should you require further detail.

Your watch NFT represents the legal rights of ownership to your watch. You can redeem the NFT by contacting and requesting to burn the NFT in exchange for the physical item delivery to your preferred location. is committed to the integrity of the luxury watch industry and will not accept in their storage facility watches that are replicas or contain inauthentic or aftermarket parts. Our watches are all carefully evaluated and authenticated by an independent watch appraisal specialist, upon arrival at our custodial hub in Dubai Freeport, before the NFTs are minted.

In case fraud is detected, reserves the right to freeze the corresponding NFT so that it is no longer in circulation. will send you the watch with our reputable third party logistics specialist to your preferred address. As an alternative, you may collect your watch from Dubai Freeport.

You fill out our Onboarding form on the RWFi platform. We will contact you to arrange professional logistical services to pick up your items. Alternatively, we can arrange for you to drop off the items at our custodial hub in Dubai Freeport.

Your NFT is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Polygon blockchains. It allows users to access their NFT through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to move it to another wallet account.

RealWorld can connect with Metamask and other decentralised wallets that have WalletConnect compatibility.

RealWorld's Watch NFTs open up a new revenue stream for physical watch owners, our NFT’s enforce automatic royalty payment to the original watch owner on each subsequent sale of the NFT.

This means that each time the Watch NFT is sold, the original NFT seller will receive a royalty payment as part of that transaction. The royalties are paid as a percentage of the secondary purchase price, and opens up the possibility of limitless revenue streams for collectors and dealers.

Additionally a watch or watch collection can be used as collateral for loans, opening up a liquidity stream to asset owners. Lenders can take the other side of this loan and earn attractive yield secured by the underlying collateral.

In the unlikely event that any damage occurs, will fully reimburse the NFT owner at the appraised market valuation of the watch. The market value of the watch is provided by our third party watch appraisal specialist. offers end to end insurance cover through Lloyds of London, one of the global leaders in insurance of luxury collectibles. The Watch owner will not bear any risk for loss, damage, or theft under any circumstances. The insurance is applicable from the point of collection of the watch(es), while the watches are in transportation to our custody hub (Dubai Freeport), and while the watch(es) are in storage at our custody hub.

  • - Detailed 3D scan of the actual physical watch
  • - Gallery of high definition photos of the physical watch including the box and documents
  • - Custody location of the watch
  • - Legal rights over the physical watch via a contractual agreement between the original minter and any current owner of the NFT

A RealWorld NFT represents the legal right to ownership of the physical watch.

RealWorld's NFTs are sets of metadata pertaining to a physical asset that is added to a blockchain. RealWorld NFTs are sold together with the underlying asset. The ownership rights are transferred on the sale of an NFT.

RealWorld's offices are in Dubai, while our storage facilities are located in Dubai Freeport and the United Kingdom.

RWfi uses professional storage hubs in Dubai and the United Kingdom. Our partners specialise in secure storage for luxury collectibles at the state of the art storage facility at Dubai Freeport. Additionally, our broker partners, who are leading established brands in fine wine & spirits, provide professional underbond storage in the United Kingdom.

We are working with all major brands, while we do recommend the service for the watches with the minimum manufacturer's suggested retail price of 4000 $. Since our service is free of charge, we reserve the right to pre approve any physical watch to be minted in the platform.

RWfi faciliates the use of both Self Custody wallets and Custodial wallets

A Self Custody wallet is created by the user. These wallets can be connected into RWfi's platform and used to pay for item purchases, fund loan agreements, and store NFTs. Users can instruct transfer of their funds and NFTs in and out of these wallets.

A Custodial wallet is created by RWfi on behalf of our user. When a new user creates a RWfi account they are provided with a unique and dedicated Custodial wallet for their use only. Users can instruct the transfer of their funds and NFTs in and out of their Custodial wallet.